Lettering on gravemarkers in Britain and Ireland

Britain and Ireland

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The graveyards of Britain and Ireland contain a wealth of culturally important material in the form of gravemarkers. The of choice lettering, style, interpretation and layout tells us much about the individuals who carved the letters, their skill and both the historical and cultural context within which the inscriptions were crafted. Lettering on gravemarkers is rarely seen as an important resource in the field of material culture. This book illustrates and explains gravemarker lettering with over 160 examples inscribed in stone, metal and wood from throughout Britain and Ireland. It provides the basis for further study.

Stone, metal and wood
Letterforms and styles
Two thousand years of commemoration
Local and regional cultures
Initial stones and ligatures
Breaking with tradition
Layout and design
Recording and conservation

ISBN 978 1905569540
published by Wordwell
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