New book on its way: Glasgow Coat of Arms

A new book ‘Glasgow Coat of Arms: The Armorial Insignia in History and Today’ will be published shortly. It will be available directly from the author, Amazon and bookshops. Publication is due in November 2018. If you would like to be kept informed please email

Glaswegians love their coat of arms and have done so since its matriculation in 1866. If anyone doubts it they just have to walk around the city and note how it has been used in almost every conceivable location, most prominently on buildings of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. It is a subject surrounded by traditional beliefs, some of which have doubtful origins. The history of the coat of arms leading up to its formal registration is fascinating. The book is in two parts. The historical section deals with the first occurrences of the four principal elements of the design–the fish with the ring, the bird, the bell and the tree–and how they came together as Glasgow’s insignia. The second part comprises illustrations of the coat of arms from throughout the city and elsewhere, as well as those on artefacts large and small, arranged by theme. These represent a large sample of what exists. Most of the examples are accompanied by extended historical and other detail. It is hoped that this book will both inform and encourage Glaswegians, and others, to find further examples and continue to enjoy this important part of their heritage.

Part one – Introduction and history
St. Kentigern and the city
Glasgow’s armorial insignia
Later developments of the insignia
The matriculation of the arms
Part two – The coat of arms today
The City Chambers, George Square
Memorials, sundials and fountains
Tokens, medals and badges
Books, journals and ephemera
Out of Glasgow

ISBN 978-0-9935075-1-9
18.5 cms X 24.5 cms
138 pages in colour

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